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Experienced with all types of products for interior, exterior and roofing.


If you’re looking for that absolute top line quality finish, sleek lines, and impressive execution on your architectural project, this is what we excel in and we just love the thrill of that final product presented to you! With plenty of clients who have trusted us with their brand new architectural homes, we are always so pleased to hear great feedback they receive on the workmanship, especially when they’re having long awaited house warming/move in party with friends, family and colleagues. The icing on the cake!


It can be stressful upgrading your property, whether its for selling on, for rental purposes or general updating to the newest colour scheme, we are well equipped to make that happen efficiently and hassle free! Managing this scope of your project for you, all the while keeping you in the loop, you will feel reassured and confident that the final look with be top notch! No more messy painters doing a botched job, we want your feedback to be - 110% satisfaction, and that’s why we do what we do!


Upgrading office spaces and make-overs for that new building lease, we will work quietly and efficiently. Because we know our process in and out, we can ensure that there is minimal interference to the working team of your company and occupants making the work happen fast with professional execution.

Roof Painting

We have taken on some high up jobs in this space! (No pun intended!) Working at heights with the correct health and safety measures for our team, we can make the job of repainting that rusty looking roof in no time at all. Firstly to clean the area (and your gutters if you wish), and then onto applying those specialist products with that final colour scheme for the ultimate fresh look on your property.

New Homes

Finishing off that long awaited new home project can be exciting and really satisfying when it all goes to plan! Thats why by using us as your finishing trades company to get that look you have long imagined, you can know that the final outcome will be on point. Investing in the full process with trade companies that have your back and understand the management of such builds, ensures the final deadlines are kept and you are provided with the quality finish you have paid for and deserve.


The plastering aspect of a paint job can be just as important as the painting itself! We pride ourselves in having the best of the best in plastering abilities, making sure that final look is of absolute clean and smooth lines, using critical light all the way through to self check our work, we can ensure that you will be pretty impressed with the outcome. No more uneven surfaces or skim lines in the finish job, we are proud to provide that true sleek final look.


Ideas for that feature wall you have always wanted? Has your interior designer given you some samples for that bedroom you have always wanted? Let us know the plans you have, and we will get it done for you! Our quality wall papering specialist has years of expertise and can make that ultimate look happen. If you have had bad experiences in the past of product not applied correctly, now is the time to reach out to us and trust us to get that pretty floral or tricky black design up and looking mint!

Spray Painting

Tim and his team are seasoned professionals on the spray machine. Having the best quality equipment for the job, this ensures the work is done with efficiency and consistency, these guys are not mucking around when it comes to execution!

    Eco Products/Certified Passive Houses/High Performing Homes

    People are increasingly, and rightfully, placing more emphasis on health and wellbeing. That’s why we proudly work with products that are healthier for people, pets, and the planet.

    Natural Paint Co. formulates and manufactures their products in NZ, and produces paint without any of the nasties. They’ve innovated in an industry that’s previously been reliant on petrochemical-based products – their paints are all plant-based and of the highest quality.

    In line with this, we’re seeing an increasing interest in producing Certified Passive Houses and otherwise high performance homes, moving towards new construction processes and technology for better overall quality. That’s what we’re all about.

    The Natural Paint Co.

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All our work is guaranteed, we commit to providing fair pricing, and offer free no-obligation quotes.


We are flexible to your needs, offer a wide scope of service across the finishing trade and have an incredible background of knowledge and experience to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.


We are always highly committed to providing competitive prices, and always guarantee our work. We understand the challenge of redecorating your home, whether its upgrading the design or moving into new home.


We pride ourselves in being flexible and understanding what needs to be done, and how, to ensure the process of your work should be done efficiently and with the best outcome.

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If you have had bad experiences in the past with poor workmanship, bad management of your project, and over charged rates, then look no further! Get in touch with Tim today!

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    A little bit about Tim, our Director.

    Tim Van Es, originally born in the Netherlands, has been working in the painting industry since the age of 16, getting the best first hand experience restoring Dutch heritage sites across Amsterdam. During this time, due to the nature of the historical works needed to be done to restore those incredibly beautiful architectural buildings back into shape, this has provided the foundation to having an eye for detail and appreciating a well executed finished product. Since moving to New Zealand in 2015 with his wife and small children, he has quickly expanded his knowledge of the Kiwi industry, working alongside a wide variety of companies and contractors, building great relationships and networks to enable his now fully fledged painting and decorating company to expand.

    Over the years, the work AMS Decorators has completed on architectural projects has been second to none, with sleek finishes and raving client reviews. This has provided a continuous return of repeat customers ensuring sustainable ongoing business, proving that Tim and the team know what they are doing, and definitely keep the customers happy. Once you meet Tim and the team, you will understand the level of commitment and professionalism.

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    Every booking made through them, we will donate a contribution to important youth and children’s charities in NZ. We’re committed to strengthening the well-being of children and young people in NZ. We give contributions to Good Causes for all sales referred through UpstreamNZ.

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